Saturday, September 3, 2011

OOTD and randomness

This week was the first week of my teaching practicum (basically prepping for my full time student teaching internship in the Spring) and it was amazing! I loved every bit of it and needless to say it reinforces my feelings that I am doing the right thing being in the MAT program at Clemson! However, being as it is a graduate program I have been swamped with school work. While everyone has been enjoying their holiday weekend I have been doing school work. Ben went to TN with his mom and dad today and Annie and I are hanging out doing school stuff. I literally worked from 9 am-4:30 this afternoon on various assignments. Tomorrow will probably be the same. Yuck! However, I am taking a break tonight to watch some episodes of SATC and blog :)

Have you noticed all the great sales going on lately? I certainly have! I have been working on my fall wardrobe and on my teacher wardrobe, seeing as in a few months I will have to dress professionally five days of the week! Yikes! Ann Taylor Loft is doing a promotion right now where sale items are an extra 40% off! How great is that! I bought cute suit jacket and two pairs of dress pants for under $100.00! Hopefully everything will fit right :) Luckily its not final sale so it can be returnable. Last week I stocked up on perfect fit T's from J. Crew and another Minnie pant in charcoal from their final sale. I love those pants! I wish they came in more colors though. I also bought the sweater in my OOTD. Its the perfect fit mixed tape cardigan. I really like the longer length of it and the softness of the fabric.

Yesterday was spent at the library working on assignments but I felt like looking cute, this is what I wore.... (sorry for the rumplyness, this is what happens after hours doing work)
J. Crew CardiganGap Jeans (similar style, mine are old),
Michael Kors watch, Sam Edelman wedges

On another note, I realized yesterday that Ben and I have had Annie for almost a year! She came home with us the weekend of Thanksgiving! I can't imagine not having her :) This is what my lovely, lazy dog has been doing today while I have been working....

Sorry for the BB photo, I can't figure out where I put my
camera charger!

Hope you all have a fabulous labor day holiday!