Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hello Old Friends!

To my dear readers I have missed you! And missed blogging!

These last two months have been CRAZY! So much has happened! Where do I begin?

Things that have happened since the last blog post...

1. Ben got a new job! And we moved!!
So Ben was  offered a position working with his former project manager who moved companies and he accepted the position and we moved two weeks later! To Tennessee!!! So we are now happily living in a house on a hill in Chattanooga :) Its lovely and my precious Annie is so happy because we have 1.2 acres to roam around in! Ben is happy because he got the mountains and I still got my city-life :) a girl simply HAS to have her Target and Starbucks! Its been a great experience so far I just cant wait till May when I am done with school and back here full time!

2. Speaking of school... I AM ALMOST DONE! WOOHOO!!
In January I will be starting my last semester at Clemson. Its bittersweet but I am excited. I transitioned to my new classroom a few weeks before the end of the semester and I am quite excited I will be teaching 4 sections of Honors Chemistry and one section of Astronomy! I know students teaching will be a lot of work and very stressful but I have wonderful students and what looks to be another great mentor teacher! However, it was sad to leave my biology students and first mentor teacher! She was AWESOME!!! I'm going to miss them when I go back in January!

Also, I officially have kept my 4.0!!! Woohoo!!! And I filed my first part of graduation paperwork at the end of the semester! I am officially graduating on May 11th at 2:30 pm :) Yes I know the exact time already! I have been looking forward to this day for a long time!

3. OOTD So I have been trying to take some photos of my outfits lately so I have a few to share with you. I want to document what I wear to school more so that I can share them to prove you can be a teacher AND be stylish! No frumpy clothes!!! So without further adieu...... ( I apologize for the crappy BB photos, I found my camera today so I will start taking better photos!)

 This is a typical outfit I wear to school. I have the Minnie pants in every color but the Khaki. I dont do khaki- it looks terrible on me! Also this cardigan is amazing- soft, comfortable, t-shirt like and long! I have an issue with cardigans being too short and riding up! Major NO! in the classroom.

(J. Crew Minnie Pants, J. Crew Mixed Tape Cardi, J. Crew Scarf, Black flats from Belk)
(Typical teaching outfit for me)
This is what I am wearing today!
(Vineyard Vines Cords- found in consignment store!, Gap striped top, Target Scarf,
Michael Kors watch, and Sperry Patent Loafers- because its raining AGAIN!)
Well I am off to finish my Christmas shopping! I hope everyone has a fabulous day!