Thursday, May 17, 2012

Life is.....crazy!

Life is ridiculously crazy lately. Like so many things happening at one time...but in a good way!

I am officially a graduate of Clemson University!!! WOOHOO for my Masters degree.

So now my official title is Miss KMB, M.A.T.

And in the fall it will be Miss KMB, M.A.T., Chemistry Teacher- CHS

And in the spring it will be Mrs. KMH, M.A.T., Chemistry Teacher- CHS

So in case you haven't figured out my riddle....

One, I have officially accepted a job teaching Chemistry at a high school in SC. Yes, in SC. As hard as I tried I couldn't find the teaching job wanted in TN :( Boo for that!!!! So please say prays that the whole long distance thing gets sorted out in the fall. I'm am being faithful in that God put this position in place for me and he is going to sort out all the details. (which doesn't help my type A, anxious personality one bit!!) But none the less I am trying my best to not get overwhelmed by it. Its not only a job, its my dream job and I am very excited about it!!!

Two, We are engaged!!!! After over three years of dating, living together, and having a dog we are headed to the next big step! Getting married!! I am beyond excited!!! It was so unexpected and perfectly wonderful! Every day I get more and more excited because I know I am marrying my best friend and soul mate! Plus, I get to plan a fabulous party and celebrate with my favorite people.

Also, since its now summer vacation (although I plan on working some lol) I can now get back to regular posting!!! So be excited I have lots of goodies to share from style and fashion, to my new workout routine, to wedding stuff!!! YAY!

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  1. That was a lot of big announcements for one post! Congratulations on each and every one of them =) Best of luck with your move to SC!