Friday, March 30, 2012

Top Ten Part Two!!!

Ok so finally here is part two!!

6. My Blackberry. Yes I know its possible to survive without it, but I can't imagine doing so. I fall under the category of its my "crackberry." I love it, it keeps me connected to family and friends. Its how I stay in constant contact with my little and Ben. Being away from both of them is hard and no fun at all but thanks to my BB I can text/call/email whenever I need to! Since I decided to go to grad school at Clemson and Ben got his job in TN I have used my unlimited minutes and texts as much as possible to stay close to Ben being four hours away. I miss him terribly but knowing I can always talk to him makes it much easier!

7. Satellite Radio. I LOVE IT! Due to being in a long distance relationship I spend a lot of time in the car. Hours and hours in the car. And lets be honest ordinary radio sucks. Ben has had satellite in his Jeep for awhile and we had the docking station in the house so I got spoiled by it, and luckily my wonderful boyfriend got me one for my car this past Christmas! Boy oh boy do I love it!!!!! I hardly ever listen to regular radio anymore. My favorite stations are: Alt Nation, Hits 1, The Highway, Prime Country, and 90's on 9!

8. My little sister Danielle. She is my best friend and my Phi Mu sister! I love her dearly and am so happy she is my little. We are super duper close and her being so far away stinks but I am proud of her and what she is doing in the Navy. Luckily for us we have skype, facebook, and phones to keep us connected. Its quite strange being so far away from someone I saw every day. We were always a close big-little pair, but living together made it even better! Our little apt was the best place ever! She is such an important part of my life and it wouldn't be the same without her!

9. Annie. I love that little dog so much! Ben and I adore her. She is the sweetest, prettiest, happiest dog in the whole world. I can't imagine not having her around. She brings such joy to my heart when I come home and she is all excited to see me! Adopting her was a great decision and I don't regret it one bit! I am so happy we were able to give her a home! (I can't imagine why someone would be mean and cruel to that precious dog! It makes me angry to think about Annie being mistreated!)

10. While its #10 on my list (I guess I should have counted down..) its really the one thing I cant live without. My wonderful, darling boyfriend Ben. He is my everything. The best part of my life. The past three years with him have been amazing and I am lucky to say I get to spend the rest of my life with him. I don't think he realizes how amazing he is, but believe me I know! Every day with him is a blessing and I'm looking forward to May when I can go home and be with him every day!

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  1. Yay, I love it Big! And me and Ben made the list. :) It made me so happy to read my part. I read it twice and smiled out loud. I love you forever and ever and ever and you are the best big sister and friend I could ever have. Phi Mu knew what it was doing when we picked each other. We'll make it through with snail mail, I promise.