Monday, July 9, 2012

Night fishing, wedding planning, and everything in between..

This past week has been pretty busy. I feel like my life is always busy in all honesty. We are always traveling, always on the go. I enjoy it but at the same time its nice to just stay at home some days. These next few weeks will be nonstop traveling so this week I plan on laying around, being lazy, and doing some planning for the upcoming school year. We have our first dept. meeting on the 24th so I'm pretty excited about that!

This weekend Ben and I went to spend time with his family in Knoxville and on the lake. It was fun to see everyone! We took Annie swimming in the lake, oh boy does she love to swim! We can't get her into the bathtub without a fight, but take her swimming and she doesn't want to get out of the water :) It must be the lab coming out in her! I also experienced my first night fishing trip. Unfortunately, it wasn't a successful trip to say the least..we didn't catch anything and the boat broke down and we had to be towed in. Oh well, the views on the water were still great! I'm excited to try it again sometime.

Ben and I have been doing some wedding planning (and life planning as well) and while we were thinking spring, we've decided to push it back to late summer. This will give us more time to budget and plan so that everything is the way we want it. As much as I want a nice wedding, I've had a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that I am spending a lot of money for only one day. I know its a once in a life time and we deserve a great time, but still its a LOT of money. I'm excited about it, but I still feel like a penny pincher.

On another note, have you heard this song? Its my new favorite!
Have a happy Monday!

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