Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Meet Minnie...And Michael! My first OOTD post!

Hello my dear followers,

I finally got a mirror and had the time to take my first OOTD pictures! Yay :) I hope you enjoy (forgive me for looking a little rumpled I took the pictures after work)

J. Crew "Minnie" pants, J Crew "Katie" top and basic black cap toe flats, not shown- simple cardi

Michael Kors Mini Tortoise Watch
I found these J. Crew "Minnie" pants this weekend after reading countless reviews and endless searches for the perfect cropped black pant (see the classy Audrey Hepburn for inspiration!) And I absolutely LOVE these pants! Comfortable, flattering and super chic!

My watch was a purchase made during Belk's charity day sale! Its the only time during the year that Michael Kors is not an exclusion from sales/coupon and add in Mom's employee discount= I can actually afford a designer watch that I have been coveting forever! It super cute and for once not a watch that is too big for my wrist!

Life has been super busy lately, I've been working a lot and Ben has been working nights :( Boo for that! If it weren't for Annie I would be super lonely at night! Lucky, she is great company (as I write this she is sprawled out across the couch!) For a little dog she takes up lots of space on the couch, in the bed, etc......

Oh the life of a spoiled dog!

Hello!!! Isn't she so pretty? (Yes, I am biased) 

I hope you all have had a fabulous Tuesday! I am counting down till Friday when Ben and I head to Greenville to his parents for Easter! I am so excited to see the family!

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