Monday, January 17, 2011

Inspiration, Disappointment, and Entertainment

So I failed at posting yesterday, yes I know I am disappointed too. However, today will be a two post day to make up for yesterday's busy day! 

Yesterday was spent browsing online, running errands, training with Annie and finally seeing Country Strong! I got up yesterday morning anticipating Rue La La's Lilly Pulitzer sale. Their last sale was pretty great, and competitive- lots of stuff sold out asap! This time the sale turned out to be a major disappointment, everything was just blah, nothing I had to have. I am scoping out a dress for this year's Carolina Cup and have yet to find anything inspiring!

While the Lilly sale was uninspiring I did come across something that was.... 
photo from people.com
How awesome is Jessica Biel's monogrammed LV????!!!! I am in love! (well not some much with the stripe) I am not a big purse person. I am a shoe girl, my closet contains an ever growing collection of shoes; however lately I have been itching for a great new bag. Finding a great bag has been a difficult challenge for me. I currently have two bags that I rotate on a regular basis (plus a new purchase yesterday that I will share in a minute) . Bag #1 is a vintage Louis Vuitton Alma bag purchased at a consignment boutique here is the Atlanta Area. Its probably my best consignment purchase ever!! Find the Alma here. Bag # 2 is a Dooney and Burke Champosa in yellow. Find it here. While I love both of these bags they are begging for a break. I have been carrying my Alma almost consistently for the past few years and it is in desperate need of reconditioning. Which is why I am leaning towards paying for the reconditioning and perhaps the monogram to make her like new! What do you think about the monogram LV? Classy? Or too much? 

Another possibility I have been thinking about is the monogrammed Longchamp Le Pliage. Its affordable, classy and good quality. While ideally I would love to have a new LV. My budget at the moment is not ok with a new LV. Betsy (my lovely car) will be requiring some work next month in order to pass emissions this year. Work which equals the cost of a new Louis! :( So not cool. 

On the lines of affordable, check out this great bag I got yesterday! Super cute, functional, and cheap in price. I have been trying to find a great cross- body bag and I finally found it at Forever 21 !
photo credit: Forever 21

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