Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happiness is often found in a shopping bag!

I am a fashion junkie. I read blogs, sites, magazines, you name it I've probably got it. However, contrary to popular belief I am not a shopping junkie. Well, not anymore lol. As I have gotten older I have developed my own sense of style, figured out what works for my body (and what doesn't) and about buying clothes I really love.

In my opinion, there is nothing worse than buying something and getting home and deciding you really don't love a particular item. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the moment when your in the store, or you see a particular trend and then realize it really doesn't work for you. Or that you paid a lot of money for something that really doesn't work for you. Which is why if I don't love it or it doesn't really work for me I don't buy or else I'll find myself bringing it back the next day. FYI, this is also why I am a receipt hoarder and make sure I am well informed of a stores return policy. And why I don't buy much from Forever 21 because you cant return items you can only get store credit, plus the quality isn't that great.

Speaking of quality, if its not going to last don't buy it! Yes, it may cost a little more up front but its worth it when its an item you'll wear for a long time. Stick with affordable quality on basics and splurge on items you'll keep for years. I love Target because often times they have really cute stuff for a reasonable cost, this is where some of my "trendy" but not timeless pieces come from. However, beware Target can be a money pit if your not careful! For my classic pieces I have been loving J. Crew lately (this is not always the case though, its varies from season to season). They can be a little pricey but if you wear that dress for years, the cost per wear becomes pennies. Quality is better! You can also hit up consignment and thrift stores for good deals. I have found tons of great stuff from J. Crew, Lilly, Vineyard Vines, Dooney and Bourke, etc. all for great prices and often times brand new! The effort to search through the racks is so worth it! Just this week I found a great pair of loafers from J. Crew and brand new with tags Vineyard Vine pants at one of my favorite stores! Major score! You can also find great deals online, just make sure the site and seller are reputable. Bargain shopping is a great way to find great clothes for a good price. You can look fabulous on a budget with a little effort. If you need inspiration for what items are worth having in your closet, look no further than Matchbook Magazine's checklist of 50 classic pieces.
via Matchbook Magazine's Tumblr
Additionally, here are some of my favorite sites for bargain hunting:

Bonanza A little like EBay, but more user-friendly.

Bags @ Bonanza  Awesome bags! Will do a review/post later this week on my recent purchase from here :)

J. Crew Aficionado  (look for the weekly post of readers selling their J Crew stuff, its usually on Monday. They also share coupon codes and sales info)

Atlanta Consignment if you are ever in the Atlanta area, these stores are great upscale boutiques. Some can be pricey but often times you'll find great deals. I frequent a lot of these stores when I am on the hunt for new clothes.

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