Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Something to think about....

Kim Kardashian is going to be making 45 MILLION DOLLARS by selling pictures and video from her wedding. 

  • we "cant afford" to fund NPR
  • we "cant afford" to fund Planned Parenthood
  • we "cant afford" to fund education
  • small businesses are drowning in today's economy
  • thousands in this country can afford to feed themselves or their children properly

And while I am on my soapbox, stop telling me to donate to starving children in third world countries when there are thousands of children right here that are going hungry. Yes, I understand that other children are important too but so are the ones here at home. Almost 20 million children receive free or reduced lunches at school. Often times its the best meal they get in a day. Many of these children participate in weekend and summer food programs to ensure they eat when they are not in school. Recent reports indicate that 49 million Americans ran out of food at some point in the year. The state of Georgia is one of the top five states with a hunger problem and thats sad but true and it breaks my heart.

I'm not trying to discourage or condone donating to others but with everything thats going on right now its important to remember your own community, neighbors, you never know who is hurting and to ashamed to ask for help. I cant imagine the pain a parent must feel to know they cant afford to feed their child.  

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