Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Happiness Issue

At the suggestion of a fellow blogger, I picked up this months edition of Whole Living. Which happens to be the happiness issue! Overall, I wasn't too into the magazine, its a little too holistic for my taste but it did have some great stories about happiness. One quote that stood out was "Happiness is a fickle house guest: she shows up at surprising times, but when she leaves, you know she'll be back."I found that statement to stick out and say hey pay attention to me!! It really got me thinking about happiness in my life.

I've spent a lot of time lately trying to figure out what makes me happy and what I am supposed to be doing with my life. Not an easy task, especially when you have been trying to live up to unobtainable expectations of others. Have you ever noticed that when certain people feel bad about themselves they take it out on you? Not a fun situation, especially when they are family members. Anyways, that's a whole different topic. Back to happiness. Even though I don't necessarily have everything figured out I have found quite a few things that make me happy and I would say over my life is happy.

What makes me happy...

1. Curling up with a good book. I could easily spend all day reading especially on rainy, yucky weather days like we have had this weekend.

2. Grocery shopping. Yes, I know this is weird. But I love going to Publix and wandering down the aisle's with my grocery list thinking about what I am going to cook during the upcoming week. Luckily for me Ben strongly dislikes this chore!

3. Cooking. I love cooking and baking! Its a great way to de-stress from work, I look forward to coming home, putting on my apron and putting together a great meal. I love searching for  new recipes and cookbooks to try out. The Pioneer Woman is one of my favorite places to get recipes from, I even got her cookbook for Christmas!

4. Spending time with Annie. Having Annie can be stressful sometimes, i.e. traveling, training, constant playtime. However, it is totally worth it to have an animal that loves you unconditionally. The fact that someone gave her up and didn't care for her just amazes me everyday. Each day that we have her I adore her even more. She is always happy, and so excited that you cant help but smile around her. Coming home to her running up to see me just melts my heart.

5. Window shopping. Not actual shopping, which I do totally love as well. But I love going and wandering through the stores looking at all the new stuff and getting inspiration for outfits, or for decorating my apartment, and maybe one day my future house. I love looking online and I love love love catalogs, especially the pottery barn ones!!!

6. Reading blogs. I love the time I set aside each day to read my favorite blogs. I enjoy reading about others live, interests and thoughts. Its amazing what you will find you have in common with people you have never met.

7. Four years later still being close to my sorority sisters. Its saddens me think that some people will never experience the friendships and bonds I have created with some of the most amazing girls ever.

8. A good nap. Yesterday, in the midst of doing laundry, cleaning and having a busy Saturday I took a nap with my wonderful boyfriend and dog. Curled up on a bed with nothing but the pillows because the sheets and blankets were being washed. And it was an awesome nap! Sometimes you just need to slow down and enjoy being with those you love.

I am off to go spend my Sunday with my lovely little family, I hope all my readers are having a great weekend!

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