Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oh, Wednesday

To my lovely readers, I apologize for the lack of posts recently. Life has been, well, crazy. Yes this is a lame excuse, but is still the truth. Last time I posted, I was trying to fight off being sick which was definitely unsuccessful. I felted like a got the wind knocked out of me for over a week. It was horrible, and I missed out on seeing some of my favorite people ever, including my little. Who left for boot camp yesterday. I am still a little upset I didn't get to see her before she left. More on that later. Being sick also made me fall behind on almost everything, work, household chores, spending time with Ben and Annie... and my lovely blog! I've missed writing, reading my blogs is something I look forward to on a daily basis, and writing was becoming that way too. With this week winding down I should hopefully get all caught up on my blog!

So the last two weeks have been crazy... this is what has been going on....

1. Ben and I bought a washer and dryer for our apartment! Until this apartment, we have always had a W/D in either his or my apt, which was great. Then we moved here! and NO W/D!!!! Let me tell you it has been pure agony taking our stuff to the laundry facility... lugging it up and down the stairs (we are on the third floor), letting it build up, etc etc. It just became a hassle that was not worth it any more so we got a nice, affordable, quality set! Which I totally love and was worth every penny. But the best part about it? FREE DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION!!!!! i.e. SOMEONE ELSE CARRIED IT UP THE STAIRS!!!!! :)

2. Reading, lots of reading. I went to my lovely local library and got a bag full of books which I have devoured. I absolutely love reading and haven't done a lot of it until recently.  It was so nice to sit and read for awhile. I got the book P.S. I love you. It is very different from the movie, which I love!!! And lucky me, the book was great too! It goes in a totally different direction, but I couldn't put it down, I spent all night last Sunday reading it.

3. Visits and visiting. Last week we got a visit from a few of Ben's fraternity brothers and some of my favorite boys ever, who were on their way to PCB for spring break. It was so great to see them, I don't really miss WCU a whole lot, but I do miss the people, and those three are some of them! We had a great time with them and I definitely stayed up way later than I have in awhile, I was dragging butt the next day at work! This past weekend Ben and I went to lovely Greenville, SC to visit his parents. It was so nice to get out of Atlanta for a few days and we both to Monday off! Yay PTO and four day weekends.  It was exactly what we both needed, no stress, no work and beautiful weather for a few days. It was heaven.

4. My little left for boot camp yesterday. And I miss her already. She has been planning on joining the navy for awhile, and when she signed her paperwork a few weeks ago they told her she would be shipping out in two weeks!!! Which was yesterday. It was so fast! I am really excited for her and proud of her, she is destined for great things. Yet, I am going to be lost without her while she is at Boot Camp for eight weeks and I cant talk to her on a regular basis. Little and I have a very special relationship, to most people we are sorority sisters. To me she is my sister, my other half. We are probably one of the best matched big/little pairs my chapter has seen. So for the past two weeks I have been talking to her on a daily basis/sometimes several times a day basis. I am so used to just being able to pick up the phone and call/text her whenever I want and its weird to think I wont be able to do that.

5. I have been doing a lot of thinking about my life lately and what I want out of it. And what I want to do with it. I have come to some conclusions and have been working on setting some goals for myself and my family. I'm not really at that stage of sharing yet (still figuring it all out), but I will later on this month. Just keep me in your thoughts and prayers :)

This has turned into quite a post! Hopefully, I haven't bored you with the details of my life! I'm saving my exciting fashion finds for tomorrows post, but I do want to share with you a little quote I read this morning that I loved....

"Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us." Wilma Rudolph

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